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All Hers

Looking for a good bass line, a catchy hook and good vibes?
We got you covered! 

See you this summer!

Who's That?

The Band


Felix Buchner

Lead Vocal / Guitar​



Lead Guitar / Vocal​



Bass / Vocal​


Elias Bichler

Drums / Vocal

What's up?

The Story So far

Releasing their debut album “Welcome to the Attic” (see what we did there?) in 2019, they have  since gone on to play multiple shows all over Austria. Like that infectious spot on your nutsack they  keep growing and you will one day not be able to ignore them anymore. So stop reading this  nonsense and check out their latest tour-dates, because they might even smack YOUR hometown’s  ass some time soon.

What's next?

Tour Dates Announced


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Auto Kunst Kino

September 30, 2021

VAZ, St. Pölten (Austria)

The Attic DJ Set @BeislFest
October 1, 2021

Nårrnkastl, St.Pölten (Austria)

planet Festival Tour: Final Round
October 9, 2021

Gasometer, vienna (Austria)

Stand Up Stacy feat. The Attic
October 21, 2021

Fanialive, vienna (Austria)